New Sight (Congo)

New Sight Eye Care is a charity focused on restoring sight to those that are needlessly blind in one of the most impoverished areas of the world, and in the process, building relationships with locals and bringing the Good News to those that have yet to hear.

Dr. Joyce Samoutou-Wong was part of the AIC youth group during her teen years, and have since set up a a non-profit eye clinic in the Republic of Congo alongside her husband Henri Samoutou, a senior ophthalmic technician with surgical skills.

Currently, they are in the ambitious process of fundraising for the construction of a new eye hospital in Ouesso, Republic of Congo.

For more information or for ways of volunteering or donating, please visit, or email [email protected].

For more about the ministry and a recent update from the Joyce and Henri Samoutou and their kids, watch the videos below: